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Midwives Deliver!

Last year midwives caught over 48,000 babies across Canada. Collectively, our midwives have caught thousands of babies, including some second-generation midwifery families.

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our approach

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to give birth safely and with power and dignity. In a time of frequent technological and surgical intervention in birth, we provide a holistic approach to your care by promoting a normal, physiologic birth and the excellent outcomes associated with it. We work collaboratively with nurses and physicians in our community and hospital, consulting or referring to specialists as needed.


give birth in the place you feel most calm

You can choose where you want to give birth: Rockyview Hospital, your home, or the Arbour Birth Center. We’re committed to supporting you to labour and give birth in the place you feel most calm, confident, and secure.


Canadian research is clear: for healthy people having healthy ("low risk") pregnancies, giving birth with a midwife is equally safe regardless of planned place of birth. It also suggests that giving birth out of the hospital can help prevent unnecessary interventions and complications. Talk with your midwife about your options.

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connecting pregnancy

To help prepare you for the journey of birth and parenthood, we offer our popular group prenatal care “Connecting Pregnancy” in the third trimester. These are a series of classes with other pregnant people due to have their babies in the same month as you. In Connecting Pregnancy, your midwives cover topics not included in routine prenatal visits: birth plans, breastfeeding, preparing for the unexpected, postpartum tips, and answer any questions that you may have.

Prenatal Portrait

Versions of this program (based on the Centering Pregnancy model) have been happening for decades and are shown to:

improve mental

health outcomes

decrease rates of preterm birth

increase rates of breastfeeding

increase rates of satisfaction with care

improve knowledge and readiness for birth

We’re excited to facilitate these sessions where you can form

connections that often last well beyond midwifery care. 

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